Monday, February 19, 2018

London fashion week RTW Fall 2018

Burberry. After 17 years at Burberry, was this his last collection for the fashion house. The creative director of this major brand, Christopher Bailey said his last goodbyes in this collection. The collections shows us rainbow prints in parts of the clothing, this stands for the LGBTQ community. The overall collection had a bit of a streetwear vibe for me and was inspired on the 90s I think.

New York fashion week RTW fall 2018

Tom Ford. Just like the menswear is Ford inspired by his work in the 90s for Gucci. With sequins, animal prints and bright colors.What also stands out in this collection - besides the fact that the colors are already standing out - is the bag that Grace Hartzel holds. It says Pussy Power. I think that this reference to the #MeToo discussion. The overall picture is great, the colors, the details with sequins and the animal prints are nice. Ford did a great job on both; menswear and two days later this ready-to-wear collection. It is really a breath of fresh air.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Self-Care week

Past week I've read an article about our generation and how the smartphone has changed the way we living drastically. This really inspired me and the way I'm living right now. I started noticing things what I found a bit crazy. Like, when me and my team weren't playing in my hometown (I play hockey) we had to travel to the other town. Normally we would have conversations and just having fun in the car and get to know each other better. This time it was different: nobody said something and everyone was just in their own world on their smartphone. Crazy, right? This was the moment I thought I should need to do something different right now!

Monday, February 12, 2018

New York Fashion Week menswear Fall 2018

You can call my taste in fashion may be a bit basic. I'm still figuring out what I like and what the past has made in fashion and everything. But there is one thing I'm sure off and that's the New York fashion week. For me, the fashion week in New York is for up-and-coming designers. But we are not going to talk about that. In this article, I am giving a recap of my favorite shows: Tom Ford, Feng Chen Wang, and Raf Simons.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Grammy's: Best Dressed

Past week were the 60th Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden, New York. Again I'm going to take a moment and tell you my favorite looks and give you some details about what I think about the Grammy's. Let's be honest: some people didn't deserve to win. 

Curious about some major red carpet looks? Then click on read more.